"Sunburst": Original Music for Violin, Drums and Dance featuring Avreeayl Ra and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre Artistic Director Wilfredo Rivera.

James Sanders' Conjunto: "Nardis" w/ Steve Eisen, Joe Rendon, José Porcayo, Jean-Christophe Leroy, Roel Trevino & Don Neale​​

"Violin Fantasie" featuring James Sanders by Doug Lofstrom & New Quartet with an orchestra recorded live at Columbia College Chicago.

"Space Between" |  Original Music for Violin & Drums featuring drummer Ben "Jammin" Johnson, conguero Joe Rendon and original choreography by dancer KC Bevis.

Written by legendary jazz violinist Stuff Smith, "Blue Violin" was the inspiration for James Sanders' Blue Violin: A Jazz Legacy" project. Features pianist Kevin O'Connell, drummer George Fludas and bassist Stewart Miller

James Sanders' Blue Violin Quartet in the studio recording Wes Montgomery's "S.O.S." Kevin O'Connell, piano; George Fludas, drums; Stewart Miller, bass.

Conjunto live at the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago, covering a Johnny Pacheco rarity. Special guests include Papo Santiago on vocals and conguero & founding member Roel Trevino.

"Lily's Piano" written by James Sanders, performed by Dee Alexander's Evolution Ensemble in São Paulo, Brazil.  w/ Dee Alexander, Tomeka Reid, Junius Paul, Ernie Adams and James.

"Sketch" - Original music for Violin and Drums featuring Avreeayl Ra and dancers from Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre.

Tomeka Reid's "Radical Hope" with Fulcrum Point New Music Project conducted by Stephen Burns and the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble.

Background photo by Dan Kasberger

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